Paradise has inspired creative expression since the 18th century, making it an exceptional cultural resource: artists including John La Farge, John Frederick Kensett, and George Bellows, as well as writers William Cullen Bryant and William Ellery Channing, and the philosopher, Bishop George Berkeley, all drew inspiration from this remarkable landscape. Centuries later, it continues to inspire. 

We've collected historic and contemporary depictions of Paradise and its surroundings. Take a look in the gallery to see how different artists have captured Paradise over time. 

p.s. we are always looking to add to the collection, please feel free to send us contributions (with attributions, please)!



Scenic Aquidneck is focused on preserving and enhancing the visual quality of Aquidneck Island’s natural and cultural resources. It is an island-wide resource for improving gateways, historic landscapes and structures, key corridors, scenic views, and coastline for the benefit of the Newport, Middletown, and Portsmouth communities.